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Lasers are increasingly being used in many areas of medicine and technology. Laser dentistry emerged in the last decade as an efficient tool for many dental needs. Harmony ~ Balance ~ Beauty

Laser Dentistry At Balaji Dental Centre

Ask an expert about the art and science of Laser Dentistry

Laser tooth whitening is common at BDC and only one of the many uses of this new technology. Laser dentistry, used widely at BDC, helps to make dental treatments more comfortable, reduces bleeding during gum line and periodontal disease surgeries and assists to decrease swelling, infection and post treatment pain. In soft tissue surgeries, it also can eliminate the need for stitches.

The fact that using this technological breakthrough in my practice is making my patients more comfortable, and frankly, making procedures tolerable for the sensitive ones, is just astounding,” remarks Dr. Rajeev on laser dentistry. “We frequently use it to lift a patient’s gumline when creating a fuller smile, and lasers are used beautifully in periodontal disease treatments, where scaling of the exposed root area under the gum line used to be so very painful.”

  • Laser dentistry is known to be the latest technological advancement in dentistry. It is used for soft tissue surgery, curing, and sterilizing with the benefit of no anesthetic needed or just topical anesthetic to get started.
  • We at BDC, use the laser routinely to kill periodontal disease caused by bacteria. This is more effective and less painful than other gum treatment as it uses the laser beam to dissolve soft tissue with no bleeding.
  • Soft tissue laser is also used by us to re-contour gum lines when required in a smile makeover. This efficient and effective laser procedure can completely change the look of a smile for the better.

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